From Here to Eternity (1953, Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr)

The story portrays the loves, hopes, and dreams of those in a close-knit army barracks in Hawaii shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Montgomery Clift plays a former boxer who refuses to fight after blinding a friend in the ring and is sent to the remote outpost as punishment for his insubordination. Donna Reed plays spectacularly against type as a bar girl who comforts Clift. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr have their illicit sprawl in the surf, and Frank Sinatra makes a remarkable movie-career rebound. A big story with performances to match. Based on the novel by James Jones.

From Here to Eternity grossed well over $12 million in 1953, making it the third most popular movie that year. The first and second slots went to Peter Pan and The Robe, respectively.

Donna Reed and Montgomery Clift

Director: Fred Zinnemann
Script: Daniel Taradash

Columbia / 1953

Deborah Kerr
Burt Lancaster
Frank Sinatra
Ernest Borgnine
Montgomery Clift
Philip Ober
Donna Reed
Jack Warden