River of No Return

Otto Preminger's only western stars Robert Mitchum as Matt Calder, a farmer recently released from prison after serving a sentence for killing a man. He picks up his son Mark (Tommy Rettig) from saloon singer Kay (Marilyn Monroe), and father and son return to the farm. But later, he sees Kay and her fiancée Harry Weston (Rory Calhoun) in peril on a collapsing raft. He saves them but his thanks is to be slugged senseless and have his horse stolen as Weston races to stake a gold claim. Marooned in dangerous Indian territory, Matt, Mark and Kay's only chance is to take to the river and head for the nearest town. As they travel, Mark learns the truth about his father's crime while Kay falls for Matt, but all three know that they must still face Weston.

Preminger insisted that the actors perform their own stunts on the river and, on one occasion, Monroe almost drowned when her boots filled up with water. On another, the two main stars had to be rescued when the raft almost overturned after it jammed against a rock.


Robert Mitchum as Matt Calder
Marilyn Monroe as Kay Weston
Rory Calhoun as Harry Weston
Tommy Rettig as Mark Calder
Murvyn Vye as Dave Colby
Douglas Spencer as Sam Benson

crew details

  • Otto Preminger

production details

Country: USA
Studio: TCF
Year of Release: 1954-07-30
Duration: 91 minutes
Aired From:


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