Runaway Jury

Gene Hackman, John Cusack, Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Weisz star in this gripping legal thriller about US gun control, adapted from a John Grisham novel and directed by Gary Fleder (Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead; Kiss the Girls). Two years after her husband was slain in a New Orleans office shooting, Celeste Wood (Joanna Going) is finally in a position to exact legal retribution against the manufacturers of the gun that widowed her.

By her side in the courtroom is her determined and skilled lawyer Wendall Rohr (Hoffman). Given the country's affection for firearms, their case was never going to be easy. But, unknown to Wood and Wendall, the gun lobby has done its best to assure victory by hiring 'jury consultant' Rankin Fitch (Hackman). Fitch has been paid millions of dollars to nobble the jurors by whichever means he deems most effective. However, one of the jurors - Nicholas Easter (Cusack) - and his girlfriend (Weisz) have their own agenda, one that could derail the efforts of Fitch and his unscrupulous team.


John Cusack as Nicholas Easter
Gene Hackman as Rankin Fitch
Dustin Hoffman as Wendell Rohr
Rachel Weisz as Marlee
Bruce Davison as Durwood Cable
Bruce McGill as Judge Harkin
Jeremy Piven as Lawrence Green
Nick Searcy as Doyle
Stanley Anderson as Henry Jankle
Cliff Curtis as Frank Herrera
Nestor Serrano as Janovich
Leland Orser as Lamb
Jennifer Beals as Vanessa Lembeck
Gerry Bamman as Herman Grimes
Joanna Going as Celeste Wood

crew details

  • Gary Fleder

  • Brian Koppelman
  • David Levien
  • Rick Cleveland

  • John Grisham (Original novel)

  • production details

    Country: USA
    Studio: Regency
    Year of Release: 2003-10-17
    Duration: 127 minutes
    Aired From:


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