Nancy Steele Is Missing!

Victor McLaglen stars in this crime drama focusing on the infamous kidnapping of a wealthy businessman's child. In protest of a big tycoon's involvement in WWI munitions production, Dannie O'Neill (McLaglen) kidnaps the man's baby girl, leaving her with friends while he serves 17 years in prison for another crime. Upon his release, Dannie reunites with the girl he stole, faces off against an old cellmate (Peter Lorre) ready to give him up and makes some hard choices regarding the girl's future. For some, this film was all too reminiscent of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping of 1932.

Nancy Steele Is Missing features an early American appearance by Peter Lorre. While he plays a German professor in this film, he spent much of 1937 and '38 as the title Asian detective in the Mr. Moto series of films.


Victor McLaglen as Dannie O'Neill
Walter Connolly as Michael Steele
Peter Lorre as Prof. Sturm
June Lang as Sheila O'Neill - aka Nancy Steele
Robert Kent as Jimmie Wilson
Shirley Deane as Nancy
John Carradine as Harry Wilkins
Jane Darwell as Mrs. Mary Flaherty
Frank Conroy as Dan Mallon
Granville Bates as Joseph F.X. Flaherty
George Taylor as Gus Crowder
Kane Richmond as Tom - Steele's Chauffeur
Margaret Fielding as Miss Hunt
DeWitt Jennings as Doctor on Farm
George Chandler as Counter Clerk

crew details

  • Otto Preminger
  • George Marshall

  • Gene Fowler
  • Hal Long

  • Other key crew: Charles Francis Coe (original story called Ransom)

  • production details

    Country: USA
    Studio: TCF-Regency
    Year of Release: 1937-03-12
    Duration: 84 minutes
    Aired From:


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