All Through the Night

Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre spoof their screen personas in this send-up of WWII spy intrigues. Broadway big-shot and part-time gangster "Gloves" Donahue becomes a full-time amateur detective after a German friend of his is killed. Gloves's investigation lands him in a deadly web of intrigue when he discovers a Nazi spy ring is behind the murder. Fine suspense and comedy blend.

All Through the Night (1942) features an appearance from early in the career of Phil Silvers, best known for his role in the TV show Sgt. Bilko.


Humphrey Bogart as 'Gloves' Donahue
Conrad Veidt as Ebbing
Kaaren Verne as Leda Hamilton
Jane Darwell as Mrs. Donahue
Frank McHugh as Barney
Peter Lorre as Pepi
Judith Anderson as Madame
William Demarest as Sunshine
Jackie Gleason as Starchy
Phil Silvers as Waiter
Wallace Ford as Spats Hunter
Barton MacLane as Marty Callahan
Edward Brophy as Joe Denning
Martin Kosleck as Steindorff
Jean Ames as Annabelle

crew details

  • Vincent Sherman

  • Edwin Gilbert
  • Leonard Spigelgass

production details

Country: USA
Studio: Warner
Year of Release: 1942-01-10
Duration: 107 minutes
Aired From:


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