Green for Danger

Alastair Sim is at the peak of his unique wry powers as Christianna Brand's eccentric but immensely shrewd police Inspector Cockrill, investigating a series of murders committed in a World War Two emergency hospital filled with a highly satisfying range of suspects.

Apart from Sim's superb and splendidly enjoyable central performance, the film is excellently cast with first-rate portrayals coming from Trevor Howard, Sally Gray, Leo Genn, Rosamund John, Megs Jenkins, Judy Campbell and Ronald Adam. Gilliat's direction is sharp, funny and, at the same time, very atmospheric and effective in bringing out the elements of suspense and mystery in his excellent screenplay (co-written with Claude Guerney). Wilkie Cooper's fine monochrome cinematography, Thelma Myers' editing and the art direction of Peter Proud and W E Hutchinson (with hospital equipment from The Ministry of Supply!) add to the overall impact.


Leo Genn as Mr. Eden
Henry Edwards as Mr. Purdy
Trevor Howard as Dr. Barnes
Ronald Adam as Dr. White
Judy Campbell as Sister Bates
Rosamund John as Nurse Sanson
Sally Gray as Nurse Linley
Megs Jenkins as Nurse Woods / Radio Announcer
Moore Marriott as Joseph Higgins
Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill
George Woodbridge as Det.-Sgt. Hendricks
Hattie Jacques as None

crew details

  • Sidney Gilliat

  • Sidney Gilliat, Claude Guerney

  • Other key crew: Christianna Brand (original novel)

  • production details

    Country: UK
    Studio: Individual
    Year of Release: 1947-03-10
    Duration: 91 minutes
    Aired From:


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