American Graffiti (1973, Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard)

Poster for the movie "American Graffiti"
PG 110 min - Comedy, Drama - 1 August 1973
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Coming-of-age tale profiles a group California high schoolers' final wild evening on the last night of summer 1962.

As Wolfman Jack spins the tunes on the radio, a couple ponders their future, their friend chases a mysterious blonde, the nerd gets lucky, and the aging stud prepares for a hot rod race. But when the sun comes up, they all find their futures waiting for them.

Director:  George Lucas
Producer:  Francis Ford Coppola, Gary Kurtz
Director of Photography:  Jan D'Alquen, Ron Eveslage


Production Details

Release Date:  1 August 1973

Running Time:  1 h 50 min

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Language:  English

Tagline: Where were you in '62?

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $777,000
Revenue:  $140,000,000