Angels and Insects (1995, Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas)

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118 min - Drama, Romance - 10 September 1995
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Geoff Andrew, writing in Time Out, described Philip Hass' film Angels and Insects as a being, "a work of clarity, ambition and intelligence". The film tells the story of a Victorian naturalist, William Adamson (Mark Rylance) who returns from an expedition to the Amazon in financial trouble. He finds a sympathetic ear in his wealthy patron (Jeremy Kemp) who is open to his ideas on evolution and also keen to encourage the courting of his daughter (Patsy Kensit).

Shortly after their marriage Adamson begins to feel distinctly uncomfortable, with his new wife veering between wild sexual antics and an unexplained and extremely frosty approach to her husband. Coupled with the open disdain of his newly acquired brother-in-law, he finds a degree of comfort in their distant relative (Kristin Scott Thomas) who shares his interests not only in insects but also in his enlightened thinking. As the family divides a secret begins to surface.

An accomplished and original story, the film successfully avoids being pigeonholed as yet another costume drama, boasting an innovative script and an accomplished and highly watchable cast.

Director:  Philip Haas
Producer:  Belinda Haas, Joyce Herlihy, Kerry Orent
Composer:  Alexander Balanescu
Director of Photography:  Bernard Zitzermann


Production Details

Release Date:  10 September 1995

Running Time:  1 h 58 min

Genres: Drama, Romance

Language:  English

Tagline: An elegant seduction. An erotic deception. A stunning revelation.

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