Bad Seed, The (Warner 1956, Patty McCormack, Eileen Heckart)

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NR 129 min - Drama, Horror, Thriller - 12 September 1956
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The Bad Seed is a suspenseful thriller about a mother who slowly comes to the ghastly conclusion that her eight-year-old daughter is responsible for a string of brutal murders. Kelly was awarded an Oscar nomination for her strong portrayal of a woman who also discovers that the recurring nightmare she's been having is rooted in her past. Based on Maxwell Anderson's play, this picture was the inspiration for 1994's "The Good Son," as well as the 1985 TV movie of the same name.

Around the same time she starred as the evil child in The Bad Seed, Patty McCormack acted for Orson Welles in his legendary, still-uncompleted film Don Quixote, playing a child listening to Welles tell the story of the Cervantes novel.

Winner of a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress: Eileen Heckart.

Director:  Mervyn LeRoy
Writers:  John Lee Mahin
Composer:  Alex North
Director of Photography:  Harold Rosson


Production Details

Production Companies:  Warner Bros.

Release Date:  12 September 1956

Running Time:  2 h 09 min

Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Language:  English

Tagline: A WOMAN'S SHAME...Out in the Open!

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