Bedford Incident, The (1965, with Sidney Poitier)

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PG 102 min - Action, Drama, Thriller, War - 11 October 1965
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Thriller starring Sidney Poitier as a photojournalist aboard a destroyer, the Bedford, commanded by Captain Finlander (Richard Widmark). When the ship discovers a Soviet sub in Greenland's territorial waters, the Captain begins a relentless pursuit that pushes his crew to breaking point.

Director:  James B. Harris
Producer:  James B. Harris, Richard Widmark, Denis O'Dell
Composer:  Gerard Schurmann
Director of Photography:  Gilbert Taylor


Production Details

Release Date:  11 October 1965

Running Time:  1 h 42 min

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller, War

Language:  English, Russian

Tagline: "Hunt her down...until she comes up!"

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