Big Boss, The (1971, Bruce Lee, Maria Yi)

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R 100 min - Action - 2 October 1971
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Having seemingly failed to crack Hollywood with his appearances in TV series and movies in the '60s, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong to make smaller scale, more local films. However, it came as something of a surprise that this was Lee's breakthrough role - one that catapulted him into a position where he was talked about and sought for other movies.

Here, he is a young man sent to Bangkok to live with relatives while he works in a local ice factory. Although Lee is delighted to meet his family - especially the beautiful Maria Yi, he becomes suspicious of the real work on offer at the factory. This is exacerbated when some of Lee's cousins go to the big boss of the factory, Han Ying Chieh, to complain about criminal activities at the factory. A fight breaks out and assassins kill the cousins. When Lee and other workers protest, another fight breaks out. Lee has promised his mother that he will not get involved in any brawls, but when he is injured and blood is drawn, Lee issues a scream and weighs into the ruckus and on his own he routs the thugs. The factory managers immediately makes him foreman of the factory and promise him a meeting with Chieh. The manager then takes Lee to a brothel where he forms an attachment to prostitute Malalene.

In the morning, when Lee tries to see the Big Boss, Chieh sets his dogs on him and Lee goes back to the brothel to discover that the ice factory is actually the centre for drugs smuggling. Lee secretly investigates the factory and discovers that the ice is hiding stashes of white powder and in the depths of the place he finds the bodies of his relatives. Unbeknownst to him, Chieh has gone to Lee's home, kidnapped Yi and slaughtered other members of the family. When Lee takes his battle to the Big Boss, he discovers that he is not only fighting to close down a criminal racket, but also for his own life and the life of the woman he loves...

Director:  Lo Wei
Producer:  Raymond Chow
Composer:  Wang Fu-Ling
Director of Photography:  Chen Ching-Chueh

Production Details

Production Companies:  Golden Harvest Company

Release Date:  2 October 1971

Running Time:  1 h 40 min

Genres: Action
Country:   Hong Kong

Language:  普通话

Tagline: Every Limb Of His Body Is A Lethal Weapon!!!

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $100,000