Black Shield Of Falworth, The (1954, Tony Curtis)

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99 min - Adventure - 2 September 1954
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Tony Curtis stars in this costume epic as Myles Falworth, the son of a disgraced knight. Determined to prove himself, he trains for his knighthood with the help of the Earl of Mackworth (Herbert Marshall) and, despite the sneers of his contemporaries, he finally earns his spurs and the nation's thanks when he foils a plot to de-throne King Henry IV (Ian Keith).

The love interest comes from Lady Anne Mackworth (Janet Leigh), while David Farrar is the Earl of Alban, the requisite baddie Falworth must overcome. Gloriously shot in Technicolor and CinemaScope, Rudolph Mate's rollicking romantic adventure leaves no buckle unswashed.

Director:  Rudolph Maté
Producer:  Robert Arthur, Melville Tucker
Composer:  Hans J. Salter, Frank Skinner, Herman Stein
Director of Photography:  Irving Glassberg

Production Details

Production Companies:  Universal International Pictures (UI)

Release Date:  2 September 1954

Running Time:  1 h 39 min

Genres: Adventure

Language:  English

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