Collateral (2004, Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx)

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120 min - Drama, Crime, Thriller - 4 August 2004
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Jamie Foxx plays Max, a cab driver in Los Angeles working nights who's offered $600 by Vincent (Tom Cruise), who's just arrived in the city, has a few errands to run and will then be leaving. Vincent asks Max to park in an alleyway by an apartment block while he goes inside. When the dead body hits Max's cab, he realises what Vincent's errands are - he's a contract killer in town to make five hits and Max is trapped as his driver. But as the body count rises, the authorities begin to take notice…

In a lesser director's hands, this would have been an all-action shoot-em-up but the director responsible for classics such as Heat , Ali and Manhunter knows that pacing, considered dialogue and character development offer the discerning viewer more, for example the scene where Vincent tells Max to take him to the hospital where Max's mother (Irma P Hall) is a patient, offering an invaluable insight into the two men. And as the night progresses, the pair start to reveal more and more about each other and Vincent's past and Max's hopes for the future are revealed. It is almost a shame that the traditional denouement has to occur after time spent with two such fascinating, disparate characters.

Director:  Michael Mann
Writers:  Stuart Beattie
Producer:  Michael Mann, Julie Richardson
Composer:  James Newton Howard
Director of Photography:  Dion Beebe, Paul Cameron

Production Details

Release Date:  4 August 2004

Running Time:  2 h 00 min

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Language:  Spanish, English

Tagline: It started like any other night.

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $65,000,000
Revenue:  $217,764,291