Donovan’s Reef

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109 min - Adventure, Comedy, Romance - 12 June 1963
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In their last film together, John Ford directs John Wayne in this romantic comedy. Wayne plays Michael Donovan, who with Thomas Gilhooley (Lee Marvin) and William Dedham (Jack Warden), all ex-Navy pals, have ended up on a South Pacific island after the war. Donovan runs the bar, Gilhooley hangs out there and Dedham is now the island doctor, married to one of the locals. But trouble threatens their paradise when Dedham's estranged daughter Amelia (Elizabeth Allen) arrives with news he's heir to the family's shipping company. He could lose the inheritance to her if he's seen to be living in an 'immoral' way but luckily he's away on an emergency.

Donovan convinces her he's responsible for Dedham's children and while maintaining the subterfuge, the beauty of the island and its way of life gets under Amelia's skin, as does Donovan's wooing of her, until all thoughts of the inheritance fade from her mind as she decides to stay on at Donovan's Reef .

Director:  John Ford
Producer:  John Ford
Composer:  Cyril J. Mockridge
Director of Photography:  William H. Clothier


Production Details

Production Companies:  Paramount Pictures

Release Date:  12 June 1963

Running Time:  1 h 49 min

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Language:  English, French

Tagline: Gangway...For This Years BIG Adventure!

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $2,686,000
Revenue:  $6,600,000