À Double Tour (1959, Jean-Paul Belmondo)

Poster for the movie "À double tour"
110 min - Drama - 4 December 1959
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Leda,who is involved with Monsieur Marcoux is murdered. His wife and the police think, that the murderer was the milk-man, the friend of the maid.

Marcoux' daughter's fiance Lazo, who is aware of what is going on in the family doesn't agree...

Leslie Halliwell called it "a talented but irritating mixture of Hitchcock and Les Parents Terribles; rather an undergraduatish romp."

Director:  Claude Chabrol
Writers:  Claude Chabrol, Paul Gégauff
Production Companies:  Panitalia, Paris Film

Release Date:  4 December 1959

Running Time:  1 h 50 min

Genres: Drama
Country:   France

Language:  French

Tagline: An intruder in the life of a family...was she really guileless?

Budget and Box Office takings where known