End of Days (2008, Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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R 121 min - Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery - 24 November 1999
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Violent supernatural thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Byrne. Jericho Cane (Schwarzenegger) is a burned out, alcoholic ex-cop, who takes on the Devil himself.

As Millennium Eve approaches, Satan (Byrne) hatches a plan to find a bride and, consequently, bring about the destruction of Earth. Only the suicidal atheist Jericho stands in his way...

Director:  Peter Hyams
Writers:  Andrew W. Marlowe
Producer:  Bill Borden, Armyan Bernstein
Composer:  John Debney
Director of Photography:  Peter Hyams


Production Details

Production Companies:  Beacon Communications

Release Date:  24 November 1999

Running Time:  2 h 01 min

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Language:  English, Italian, Latin

Tagline: Prepare for the end.

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $100,000,000
Revenue:  $211,989,043