Fighting Seabees, The (1944, John Wayne)

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100 min - Action, War - 27 January 1944
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Edward Ludwig's film is a morale-boosting tribute to the US Navy's Construction Battalions (CBs) who followed behind the troops invading Pacific islands occupied by the Japanese to build runways, roads and bridges. John Wayne plays Wedge Donovan, civilian head of a construction company approached by the Navy to train their men as specialists. Instead, the impetuous Donovan wants to prove his already-trained crew are up to the job, but, unarmed, they are attacked by the Japanese. But he's proven their worth and they're recruited into the Navy with enough small arms to fight as well as build. But when, on one island, the Japanese attack with a tank battalion, Donovan and his men are forced to take them on with the only big weapons to hand: their heavy plant.

Also starring Dennis O'Keefe as Donovan's commanding officer, and Susan Hayward as Constance Cheley, the love interest of both men.

Director:  Edward Ludwig
Director of Photography:  William Bradford


Production Details

Production Companies:  Republic Pictures

Release Date:  27 January 1944

Running Time:  1 h 40 min

Genres: Action, War

Language:  English

Tagline: The thrilling story of America's supermen!

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