Georgy Girl (1966, Lynn Redgrave, James Mason)

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99 min - Drama, Comedy, Romance - 4 August 1966
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Lynn Redgrave is marvelous in the role of an awkward young girl who chucks her bizarre lifestyle and marries a wealthy widower, played by James Mason, who is old enough to be her father.

The charming comedy/drama examined contemporary attitudes of the era. The entire cast performs splendidly, with an exceptional supporting role by Charlotte Rampling as Redgrave's freewheeling roommate. Alan Bates and Bill Owen also star

Director:  Silvio Narizzano
Writers:  Peter Nichols
Producer:  Otto Plaschkes, Robert A. Goldston
Composer:  Alexander Faris
Director of Photography:  Kenneth Higgins


Production Details

Release Date:  4 August 1966

Running Time:  1 h 39 min

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Country:   United Kingdom

Language:  English, Italian

Tagline: Georgy Girl is BIG!

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