Green for Danger

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91 min - Drama, Mystery, Thriller - 9 March 1947
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The production team of Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat had established a reputation for bringing off serious subject matter with a wry sense of humor (I See a Dark Stranger and The Rake's Progress), With Green for Danger, they turned out one of the best whodunits of the Forties.

This drily amusing World War II puzzler, based on Christianna Brand's mystery novel, is cleverly developed by way of a report that Scotland Yard Inspector Cockrill (memorably portrayed by the ominously whimsical Alastair Sim) is giving his superior. The subject: murders in a wartime emergency hospital (formerly a handsome English estate).

Rescue worker Joseph Higgins (Moore Marriott) has been brought in as a casualty. The surgeon (Leo Genn) asks Nurse Sanson (Rosamund John) to prepare for a ten o'clock operation. With everything ready, the patient is wheeled in under the great shadowless lamps, and the anesthetist Dr. Barnes (Trevor Howard) turns on his machine.

Suddenly, without warning, Higgins lies dead on the operating table. Soon afterward, young Sister Bates (Judy Campbell) finds evidence that the patient met with foul play. Before she can report it, she's stabbed to death. The investigating Inspector Cockrill discovers that each of five suspects had a motive for the crimes, and when his investigation fails to determine the guilty party, he arranges to "re-stage" the fatal operation, hoping to unmask the killer. A fine cast plays this delicious melodrama to the hilt, but best of all in a role that finally brought him American recognition—is the 46-year- old Scottish actor Alastair Sim, a former professor of elocution, whose unique, lugubrious demeanor and often wryly defeated characters lend delightful facets to the screenplays he elected to interpret.

Director:  Sidney Gilliat
Composer:  William Alwyn
Director of Photography:  Wilkie Cooper


Production Details

Production Companies:  Individual Pictures

Release Date:  9 March 1947

Running Time:  1 h 31 min

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country:   United Kingdom

Language:  English

Tagline: Murder... weapon or clue?

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