Before I Hang (Columbia 1940, Boris Karloff, Evelyn Keyes)

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PG-13 62 min - Crime, Horror - 17 September 1940
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Karloff is cast in an archetypal mad scientist role and, provided with a typical B feature horror movie screenplay by Robert D Andrews, he did everything that was expected of him.

Demented doctor Karloff searches for a serum to combat ageing and, failing to cure a patient suffering from advanced age, commits a mercy killing and is sentenced to die on the gallows. A surprisingly liberal prison establishment allows him to continue his experiments with the help of prison surgeon Edward Van Sloan while he waits for execution and, to ensure the success of his new serum, Karloff uses the blood of a convicted killer. When he tests the serum on himself, he is transformed into a young man. His sentence is commuted to life imprisonment but, sadly, the serum has turned him into a murderer. He strangles Van Sloan and, before he is finally shot and killed by a guard on his way back to prison, three others die at his hands ...

Director:  Nick Grinde
Director of Photography:  Benjamin H. Kline


Production Details

Production Companies:  Columbia Pictures Corporation

Release Date:  17 September 1940

Running Time:  1 h 02 min

Genres: Crime, Horror

Language:  English

Tagline: Beware! When Karloff stops the clock, your hour has come!

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