Hope and Glory (Columbia 1987, Sebastian Rice-Edwards)

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PG-13 113 min - Drama, War - 3 September 1987
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John Boorman's autobiographical film evokes the solidarity and humour that kept the home fires burning during the London Blitz. Nine-year-old Sebastian Rice-Edwards makes the most of the devastation, discovering adventure in the city's bomb-sites before being evacuated to his grandfather's riverside home.

Boorman's approach as both writer and director was to focus his memoir on ordinary people, seen through the eyes of a child. He creates an affectionate tapestry of people and events, perfectly cast and acted by his players. It is a measure of the director's skill that every part, large, small and passing, makes exactly the right impact. Unsurprisingly Hope and Glory earned five Academy Award nominations and a record 13 BAFTA Award nominations.

Director:  John Boorman
Writers:  John Boorman
Director of Photography:  N/A


Production Details

Production Companies:  Columbia Pictures

Release Date:  3 September 1987

Running Time:  1 h 53 min

Genres: Drama, War

Language:  English

Tagline: The epic story of a world at war. And a boy at play.

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