Hot Rock, The (TCF 1972, Robert Redford, George Segal)

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101 min - Crime, Action, Comedy - 26 January 1972
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A bizarre and entertaining caper comedy, starring Robert Redford as the leader of an eclectic quartet of thieves trying to plunder a legendary diamond from a museum. An African ambassador funds their mission, for he believes the hot" rock belongs in his country. As in the best of comedies, each objective seems certain, but something goes hilariously wrong at the last moment. Explosives, gems in digestive tracts, and hypnotism all figure into the plot. The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Editing."

The music credits for the caper film The Hot Rock's set a precedent by listing all of the jazz musicians heard in the film. They included: Gerry Mulligan, Ray Brown, Clark Terry, Frank Rosalino, Jerome Richardson, Grady Tate, Chuck Rainey, Carol Kaye, Bobbi Porter, and Emil Richards.

Director:  Peter Yates
Producer:  Hal Landers, Bobby Roberts
Composer:  Quincy Jones

Release Date:  26 January 1972

Running Time:  1 h 41 min

Genres: Crime, Action, Comedy

Language:  Czech, English

Tagline: How many times does it take to steal the same diamond?

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