Inspector Hornleigh

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76 min - Comedy, Mystery - 7 March 1939
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When a landlady finds one of her tenants murdered, Inspector Hornleigh is sent to investigate. Hornleigh's assistant, Sergeant Bingham, soon finds an attaché case that had been stolen from the murdered man. When Hornleigh examines the case, inside it he finds a bag that was used to carry important government documents. The documents have been taken, and to make things even more confusing, a duplicate of the stolen bag soon turns up.

Director:  Eugene Forde
Writers:  Gerald Elliott, Richard Llewellyn, Bryan Edgar Wallace
Producer:  Robert Kane
Director of Photography:  Philip Tannura, Derick Williams


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Production Details

Production Companies:  Twentieth Century Productions Ltd

Release Date:  7 March 1939

Running Time:  1 h 16 min

Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Country:   United Kingdom

Language:  English

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