K-Pax (2001, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey,)

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PG-13 120 min - Drama, Science Fiction - 22 October 2001
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When NY police apprehend a witness to a mugging at Grand Central Station, his replies to their questions see him promptly send to a mental institution where he becomes the subject of psychiatrist Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges). The patient's name is Prot (Kevin Spacey) and he's from the planet K-PAX, "1,000 of your light years away".

He'll be going back soon but while in the hospital, he starts 'treating' the patients and promises he will take one of them home with him. As Prot's departure date draws close, Powell struggles to unlock the trauma he believes has caused Prot's psychotic belief. But as Prot reveals knowledge that only a handful of astronomers have guessed at and shows other worldly calm and logic, Powell has to confront an uncomfortable truth - maybe Prot is telling the truth...

Although there's a strong supporting cast, the film is essentially a two-hander with Spacey as the un-phased alien rebutting Powell's questions with impeccable logic and, in the scene where his knowledge astonishes astronomical experts, both Powell and the viewer begins to wonder if he actually from the constellation Lyra. The sunglass-wearing Spacey (he borrowed them from Bono) and Bridges' work-obsessed character carry the film superbly and the ending is superbly ambigious, offering two very different interpretations.

Director:  Iain Softley
Producer:  Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Robert F. Colesberry
Composer:  Ed Shearmur
Director of Photography:  John Mathieson

Production Details

Release Date:  22 October 2001

Running Time:  2 h 00 min

Genres: Drama, Science Fiction

Language:  English

Tagline: Change the way you look at the world.

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $48,000,000
Revenue:  $50,315,140