It’s All About Love (2003, Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes)

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104 min - Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller - 10 January 2003
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In the year 2021, John (Joaquin Phoenix) arrives in New York to settle his divorce from figure-skating superstar Elena (Claire Danes. But she's disturbed by a glimpse of her doppelganger and becomes convinced of a sinister plot, persuading John to flee with her to Brooklyn. Soon after, she is abducted. Back at the hotel, John confronts her manager David (Alun Armstrong) and brother Michael (Douglas Henshall), who confirm their scheme. A series of clones have been groomed as replacements once the original Elena retires. Unfortunately for all, she has other plans…

" It's All About Love is my attempt to avoid repetition," says former Dogme 95 bad boy Thomas Vinterberg. "To take another artistic risk, to explore new territory." That's an understatement as this film replaces the ascetic approach of Festen with a more seductive paranoia-romance. Hitchcock's spirit is everywhere and the retro-fitted New York landscape (shot in Sweden) is remarkable, but the director is graced with good fortune in that most unpredictable area of film-making: the cast.

Danes and Phoenix have a chemistry that's both believable and moving, confirming their versatility (check both stars' recent efforts for a lesson in evading stereotypes). The appearance of numerous Brits - Armstrong, Henshall and Mark Strong - adds weight, but they are eclipsed by a brief, incendiary cameo from Sean Penn who, playing John's brother, gets a lifetime's meaning into a few brief words, asserting that life is, indeed, all about love.

Director:  Thomas Vinterberg
Producer:  Birgitte Hald
Composer:  Nikolaj Egelund, Zbigniew Preisner
Director of Photography:  Anthony Dod Mantle


Production Details

Production Companies:  Nimbus Film Productions

Release Date:  10 January 2003

Running Time:  1 h 44 min

Genres: Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller
Country:   Denmark Germany Japan Netherlands Sweden United Kingdom United States of America

Language:  English

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