Mouse That Roared, The (1959, Peter Sellers, Jean Seberg)

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83 min - Comedy - 17 July 1959
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The Mouse That Roared is the film that turned Peter Sellers into an international film star is a witty satire on global politics and diplomacy in which the world's smallest state goes to war against the United States - and wins!

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick, the world's smallest country, ruled by the hereditary Grand Duchess Gloriana XII (Peter Sellers), is on the verge of bankruptcy. Count Mountjoy (also Sellers), Fenwick's machiavellian, hereditary prime minister, decides that the only course of action is to wage war on the States. There is no more profitable undertaking for any country, he claims, than to declare war on the US and lose - thereby opening themselves to the generous aid packages that America affords its vanquished foes.

Timid Tully Bascombe (Sellers... again), Field Marshall of Fenwick's twenty man army, is sent to America with his chain-mailed troops to surrender. But they land in a New York emptied by an air-raid drill, allowing Tully to capture the world's most destructive weapon, the Q-bomb, its inventor Kokintz (David Kossoff) and his pretty daughter, Helen (Jean Seberg), with whom Tully falls madly in love. Now the most powerful nation on Earth, Fenwick is able to call the shots.

As world ambassadors bow at the feet of the tiny principality, Tully, steeled by Helen's love, outlines a plan for world peace. Directed by Jack Arnold.

Director:  Jack Arnold
Producer:  Walter Shenson
Composer:  Edwin Astley
Director of Photography:  John Wilcox

Production Details

Release Date:  17 July 1959

Running Time:  1 h 23 min

Genres: Comedy
Country:   United Kingdom

Language:  English

Tagline: They're Taking Over The Country In An Invasion Of Laughs!

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