Paws (1997, Billy Connolly, Nathan Cavaleri)

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83 min - Adventure, Family, Fantasy - 25 September 1997
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An Australian family film in which the dog is the star. PC is a Jack Russell of superior intelligence and some friends who recognise his potential wire him up to a few bits from an old computer in order to translate his barks into speech (with the voice provided by Billy Connolly).

With a murder mystery, a kidnapping and a missing fortune to which the dog could provide the key, the film is amiable innocuous entertainment.

Director:  Karl Zwicky
Producer:  Andrena Finlay, Vicki Watson
Composer:  Mario Millo
Production Companies: 

Release Date:  25 September 1997

Running Time:  1 h 23 min

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Country:   Australia United Kingdom

Language:  English

Tagline: Some heroes are all talk.

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $137,731
Revenue:  $1,778,391