Pillow Talk (1959, Rock Hudson, Doris Day)

Poster for the movie "Pillow Talk"
NR 102 min - Comedy, Romance - 7 October 1959
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Falling in love on the telephone is the premise of light hearted romantic comedy Pillow Talk. Rock Hudson and Doris Day are adorable as the couple who cannot stand each other, yet cannot live without each other. Tony Randall runs interference in this clever story that spun off a series of similarly themed pictures.

Oscar-nominated for Best Actress (Day). Supporting Actress (Ritter). Art Direction and Scoring.

OSCAR WIN: Best Story & Screenplay (Russell Rouse, Clarence Greene, Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin)

Director:  Michael Gordon
Composer:  Frank De Vol
Director of Photography:  Arthur E. Arling


Production Details

Release Date:  7 October 1959

Running Time:  1 h 42 min

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Language:  English, Hungarian

Tagline: Footloose bachelor...beautiful career girl...and the world's most fascinating pastime!

Budget and Box Office takings where known