Pursued (1947, Teresa Wright, Robert Mitchum)

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101 min - Romance, Thriller, Western, Drama - 2 March 1947
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In a dark Western that is as much family melodrama as action picture, Robert Mitchum flees from a mob as we see in flashback the events that led to the pursuit. The central mystery of who he is and why he is being followed is kept until the fiery conclusion. Teresa Wright is fine in support - first as Mitchum's enemy, then his wife.

A clip from Pursued appears in the 1999 documentary Grass, about the U.S. government's pursuit of marijuana smokers, including star Robert Mitchum, who was arrested the following year for smoking the controlled substance.

Director:  Raoul Walsh
Producer:  Milton Sperling
Composer:  Max Steiner
Director of Photography:  James Wong Howe


Production Details

Production Companies:  United States Pictures

Release Date:  2 March 1947

Running Time:  1 h 41 min

Genres: Romance, Thriller, Western, Drama

Language:  English

Tagline: Robert Mitchum fights for the love of three people who want to see him dead...his family.

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