Reader, The (2008, Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes)

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R 124 min - Drama, Romance - 10 December 2008
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Kate Winslet won a lead actress Academy Award for her role in Stephen Daldry's multi Oscar-nominated drama, an adaptation of German author Bernhard Schlink's best-selling novel Der Vorleser (The Reader), which reflects upon the difficulties faced by Germans growing up in the shadow of the horrors of the Second World War.

In 1958, in a town on the Rhine, a tram conductor called Hanna (Winslet) happens upon a boy, Michael (David Kross), who's been violently sick and has a fever. She takes him to her place, cleans him up and makes sure he gets home safely. After his recuperation, Michael returns to give Hanna flowers in gratitude for helping him, whereupon she seduces him and the two embark on a passionate affair - characterised by her insistence that he read aloud to her between bouts of lovemaking.

Their fling ends when she suddenly disappears from his life. However, their paths are fated to cross again: in the mid-60s, Michael, now a law student, dramatically discovers not only that his former lover has a dark past, but also that he has the opportunity to repay her act of kindness to him. All this is told in flashback from the remove of 1995, as Michael (now played by Ralph Fiennes) continues to struggle with the emotions he feels for the older woman and her part in the Holocaust.

Director:  Stephen Daldry
Producer:  Anthony Minghella, Donna Gigliotti, Redmond Morris, Sydney Pollack
Composer:  Nico Muhly
Director of Photography:  Chris Menges, Roger Deakins


Production Details

Release Date:  10 December 2008

Running Time:  2 h 04 min

Genres: Drama, Romance
Country:   Germany United States of America

Language:  English, German, Greek, Latin

Tagline: Behind the mystery lies a truth that will make you question everything you know.

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $32,000,000
Revenue:  $113,019,290