Roxie Hart (TCF 1942, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou)

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75 min - Comedy, Romance, Music - 20 February 1942
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Ginger Rogers delivers the laughs - and the legs - in this high-spirited adaptation of the stage production that was the basis for the Bob Fosse musical "Chicago" and a 1927 silent. Rogers plays the title character, a publicity-seeking dance-hall girl in the Roaring '20s who gladly takes the rap for a murder her husband (George Chandler) commits in order to boost her career. Defense attorney Adolphe Menjou sways the jury with Ginger's gams and gum-snapping sex appeal. Action master Wellman makes this fly.

George Chandler appeared in other William Wellman films before Roxie Hart but so impressed the director in the 1942 comedy that Wellman promised him a role in The Great Man's Lady (1942). The pair would go on to collaborate on 13 more films.

Director:  William A. Wellman
Writers:  Nunnally Johnson
Production Companies:  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Release Date:  20 February 1942

Running Time:  1 h 15 min

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Music

Language:  English

Tagline: The gal who became a national pastime!

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