Seven Days to Noon (1950, Barry Jones)

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94 min - Drama, Thriller - 30 October 1950
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Barry Jones stars as Professor Willingdon, a leading atomic research scientist who rebels and devises a way of ending a potential nuclear war: he steals an atomic bomb and announces that, unless all work on the atomic project stops, he'll detonate it in central London. Special Branch officer Superintendent Folland (André Morell) is given the thankless task of trying to track the scientist down

Director:  Roy Boulting, John Boulting
Producer:  John Boulting, Roy Boulting
Composer:  John Addison
Director of Photography:  Gilbert Taylor


Production Details

Production Companies:  London Film Productions

Release Date:  30 October 1950

Running Time:  1 h 34 min

Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country:   United Kingdom

Language:  English

Tagline: A Boulting Bros. Thriller With a Difference!

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