Sign of the Pagan (1954, Jack Palance)

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92 min - Drama, History - 24 November 1954
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Jack Palance plays Attila the Hun, sweeping all before him as he advances on Rome. Jeff Chandler co-stars as the Roman general Marcian, charged with halting his assault by Princess Pulcheria (Ludmilla Tcherina, a French ballet dancer whose voice was dubbed by an anonymous American actress).

But as the heathens advance to the very gates of the Imperial City, it is not the force of arms that turns them back but a much higher power in Douglas Sirk's sweeping, colourful historical adventure.

Director:  Douglas Sirk
Writers:  Oscar Brodney, Barre Lyndon
Producer:  Albert J. Cohen
Composer:  Frank Skinner, Hans Salter
Director of Photography:  Russell Metty

Production Details

Production Companies:  Universal Studios

Release Date:  24 November 1954

Running Time:  1 h 32 min

Genres: Drama, History

Language:  English

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $1,300,000