Sound of Fury, The (1950, Lloyd Bridges)

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85 min - Action, Drama, Thriller - 12 December 1950
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Cy Endfield's harsh film noir stars Frank Lovejoy and Lloyd Bridges as Howard Tyler and Jerry Slocum, a couple of down-and-outs who kidnap the son of a wealthy family but panic and kill him. They are arrested and in the local jail awaiting trial, when the inflammatory columns of local newspaper journalist Gil Stanton (Richard Carlson) stir up the residents of the small town of Santa Sierra into a hateful lynch mob who storm the jail, intent on murder.

The film is based on an incident that happened in 1933 in California, which was also used by Fritz Lang for his film Fury .

Director:  Cy Endfield
Writers:  Jo Pagano
Producer:  Robert Stillman
Director of Photography:  Guy Roe


Production Details

Production Companies:  Robert Stillman Productions

Release Date:  12 December 1950

Running Time:  1 h 25 min

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

Language:  English

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