South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999, Trey Parker, Matt Stone)

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R 81 min - Animation, Comedy, Music - 30 June 1999
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When animated third-grade tearaways Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny bribe a tramp to sneak them into the Terrance and Phillip R-rated movie 'A***s of Fire', they are provided with an instant vocabulary of swear-words and liberally pass them on to the rest of the kids in South Park. By the next school day, all the kids are swearing like troopers, provoking a hate campaign against the film from their parents, culminating in pressure to wage war against Canada by way of a sub-plot featuring Satan and Saddam Hussein in love.

This feature-length spin-off of the popular TV show is just as offensive and outrageous as the cartoon series and takes no prisoners in its plot, which takes swipes at everybody from Winona Ryder to the Baldwin brothers via dialogue and song. The original title of the film was South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose but the censors forced Parker and Stone to change the title, citing that all movie titles must be G-rated. They also required Parker and Stone to cut many scenes in the film that were deemed unsuitable. Instead, they made the content of the movie even more objectionable, with a greater number of swear words. After resubmitting the new cut, the American censors gave the movie the green light, and Parker and Stone partially credit them with giving them the incentive to improve the film and make it even funnier.

Director:  Trey Parker
Writers:  Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Pam Brady
Producer:  Frank C. Agnone II, Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Composer:  Marc Shaiman

Release Date:  30 June 1999

Running Time:  1 h 21 min

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Music

Language:  English

Tagline: UH-OH.

Budget and Box Office takings where known

Budget:  $21,000,000