Strictly Sinatra (2001, Ian Hart, Kelly Macdonald)

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97 min - Drama, Action, Romance, Foreign - 29 June 2001
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Ian Hart plays Tony Cocozza, a Scottish crooner with a Sinatra fixation. To make it to the big time, he's prepared to do anything, including courting the Glaswegian underworld, who promise to further his career in return for a few "favours". Tony soon realises he's in too deep and has to escape their clutches before he's made an offer he can't refuse, but there's only one way out: he has to give the performance of his life. Kelly MacDonald co-stars as his girlfriend, with Brian Cox as one of the menacing heavies in Peter Capaldi's crime drama.

Director:  Peter Capaldi
Writers:  Peter Capaldi
Producer:  Elaine Collins, Ruth Kenley-Letts
Director of Photography:  Stephen Blackman


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Release Date:  29 June 2001

Running Time:  1 h 37 min

Genres: Drama, Action, Romance, Foreign

Language:  English

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