Thunder Bay (1953, James Stewart, Joanne Dru)

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103 min - Adventure, Drama - 21 May 1953
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The James Stewart-Anthony Mann team leaves the Wild West for the rolling swells of the Louisiana offshore oil rigs. Stewart and Dan Duryea deliver solid performances as two Louisiana wildcatters who are convinced that oil can be found at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. When they find a backer for their oil platform, the town's local shrimp fishermen take violent exception to their plans and their romances with two local girls (Joanne Dru and Marcia Henderson). A hurricane–and a big oil strike–save the day.

Thunder Bay was Universal studios earliest widescreen venture, a format that had only been introduced a few months earlier by Twentieth Century Fox's CinemaScope epic The Robe (1953).

Director:  Anthony Mann
Writers:  Gil Doud, John Michael Hayes
Composer:  Frank Skinner
Director of Photography:  William Daniels


Production Details

Production Companies:  Universal International Pictures (UI)

Release Date:  21 May 1953

Running Time:  1 h 43 min

Genres: Adventure, Drama

Language:  English

Budget and Box Office takings where known