Witness to Murder (1954, Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders)

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83 min - Crime, Drama, Thriller - 15 April 1954
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Barbara Stanwyck witnesses her neighbor, George Sanders, commit a murder. She calls the police but since they can't find a body, they think she is mistaken, but Sanders learns she saw his deed, enters her apartment, forges letters on her typewriter that make her appear insane, and takes them to the police. Stanwyck endures a trip to the mental hospital, after which she confronts the murderer. A clever crime melodrama.

Witness to Murder (1954) features an early, uncredited role for character actor Claude Aikens, playing a police officer. Aikens is best remembered as Sheriff Lobo on television's The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo and BJ and the Bear.

Director:  Roy Rowland
Director of Photography:  John Alton


Production Details

Production Companies:  United Artists, Chester Erskine Productions

Release Date:  15 April 1954

Running Time:  1 h 23 min

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Language:  English


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