Wonderful Country, The (1959, Robert Mitchum)

Poster for the movie "The Wonderful Country"
98 min - Western - 21 October 1959
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Robert Mitchum stars in Robert Parrish's western as Martin Brady, an American living in Mexico after killing the man who murdered his father, working for provincial dictator Cipriano Castro (Pedro Armendariz). On a gun-running mission, he crosses the Rio Grande but breaks his leg in a Texas town and is forced to stay there for two months, forging friendships with a Texas Ranger (Albert Dekkler), a naive immigrant, Ludwig (Max Slaten), and an army officer (Gary Merrill) and his wife (Julie London). While pondering an invitation to set up a joint US-Mexican force against the Apaches, Brady is forced to flee back to Mexico after shooting a drunken troublemaker who shot Ludwig but he's fallen out of favour with his old boss. Now a fugitive, he must decide where his future lies, and with whom.

Director:  Robert Parrish
Producer:  Chester Erskine
Composer:  Alex North
Director of Photography:  Floyd Crosby, Alex Phillips


Production Details

Production Companies:  D.R.M. Productions

Release Date:  21 October 1959

Running Time:  1 h 38 min

Genres: Western

Language:  English, French

Budget and Box Office takings where known