Written on the Wind (1956, Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall)

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99 min - Drama, Romance - 1 December 1956
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Deep social commentary on 1950s life gloriously masquerading as lurid, glossy soap opera by Douglas Sirk. Kyle Hadley (Robert Stack) and Mitch Wayne (Rock Hudson) are two men both in love with Lucy Moore Hadley (Lauren Bacall) and when Kyle discovers he is impotent the fur flies as Lucy becomes pregnant.

Dorothy Malone won an Oscar for her role as the hard done by lover of Mitch.

Director:  Douglas Sirk
Producer:  Albert Zugsmith
Composer:  Frank Skinner
Director of Photography:  Russell Metty


Production Details

Production Companies:  Universal International Pictures (UI)

Release Date:  1 December 1956

Running Time:  1 h 39 min

Genres: Drama, Romance

Language:  English

Tagline: The story of a decent love...that fought to live against the vice and immorality of an oil baron's wastrel family...and of the ugly secret that thrust their privates lives into public view!

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