Yellow Sky (1948 with Gregory Peck)

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98 min - Crime, Western - 24 December 1948
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Gregory Peck leads a gang of saddle tramps robbing banks across the post-Civil War frontier. After robbing a bank, the posse in pursuit drives them to a salt flat, the only escape route. The gang trudges slowly across the parched, blistered earth until they come to a ghost town with a population of two, prospector Barton and his granddaughter Anne Baxter. The thieves see possibilities in both the old man's claim and Anne Baxter, but Peck develops a liking for both, too, and defends them to the death.

Yellow Sky is loosely based on William Shakespeare's The Tempest. The film was remade in 1967 as The Jackals and starred Vincent Price (as the Prospector).

Director:  William A. Wellman
Producer:  Lamar Trotti
Composer:  Alfred Newman
Director of Photography:  Joseph MacDonald


Production Details

Production Companies:  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Release Date:  24 December 1948

Running Time:  1 h 38 min

Genres: Crime, Western

Language:  English

Tagline: It was as if the YELLOW SKY had sought them out... where fate had forgotten them and life had left them behind!

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