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Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre portrayed his film roles of villain, sleuth and maniac with suave understatement in tones tinged with the accents of his native Hungary. "He was the vilest of villains on the screen; he was the little man of gigantic crimes." Lorre grew up in Vienna, and as a stage-struck teenager he ran away from home. For a decade he played bit parts in small productions. In 1931, he obtained his first film role as the psychopathic child killer in the German film classic M. This portrayal made him internationally famous. He continued portraying sleepy-voiced psychopaths in his Hollywood career until John Huston cast him in a quasi-comic role in The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart and Sidney Greenstreet.

Lorre and Greenstreet later appeared in numerous films together. He was not always the villain, however. For years he portrayed "Mr. Moto," the inscrutable Japanese detective. He died 23 March 1964.
Birth Date:
Jun 26, 1904 In Rózsahegy, Austria-Hungary
Year of Death: