10 Rillington Place | 1971 | Richard Attenborough, John Hurt

10 Rillington Place | 1971 | Richard Attenborough, John Hurt

Based on the book by Ludovic Kennedy, 10 Rillington Place tells the true story of John Christie (Attenborough), an unprepossessing middle-class man with a secret predilection for rape and murder, as he insinuates himself into the lives of his victims Timothy Evans (Hurt), wife Beryl (Gleeson) and their baby Geraldine.

As well as directing such blockbusters as 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Vikings and Fantastic Voyage, American Richard Fleisher’s career contains a run of movie recreations of actual murders, including The Boston Strangler and Compulsion. Here Fleischer turns his grisly aptitude to very English material, specifically postwar London.

When the naive Evans, Beryl and their baby daughter move into the eponymous address, their neighbour and landlord is Christie, a serial killer and necrophile. Taking a fancy to Beryl, Christie ingratiates himself into the household, and gains their sympathies – so much so that they agree to Christie performing an illegal abortion on Beryl to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Instead, he rapes and murders her. He even kills the baby daughter, before framing Evans for the murders. Christie remains free to continue his killings, while Evans goes to the gallows.

Attenborough plays one of cinema’s creepiest, most downright disconcerting killers with his subtle turn as the seemingly innocuous Christie. Filmed next door to the actual address, 10 Rillington Place is a grim, chilling account of a dark episode in British history.

Richard Attenborough as John Christie
John Hurt as Timothy Evans
Judy Geeson as Beryl Evans
Pat Heywood as Ethel Christie
Isobel Black as Alice
Miss Riley as Baby Geraldine
André Morell as Judge Lewis
Robert Hardy as Malcolm Morris
Phyllis MacMahon as Muriel Eady
Gabrielle Daye as Mrs Lynch
Jimmy Gardner as Mr. Lynch
Edward Evans as Det. Inspector
Tenniel Evans as Det. Sgt.
Ray Barron as Workman Willis
Douglas Blackwell as Workman Jones
Basil Dignam as Member of Medical Board
Edward Burnham as Member of Medical Board
Reg Lye as Tramp
Sam Kydd as Furniture Dealer
Rudolph Walker as West Indian
Geoffrey Chater as Christmas Humphreys

Art Direction: Maurice Carter
Set Decoration: Andrew Campbell
Director Of Photography: Denys N. Coop
Camera Operator: John Harris
Focus Puller: David Wynn-Jones
Makeup Artist: Stuart Freeborn
Hairstylist: Joan White
Sound Recordist: Ken Scrivener
Director: Richard Fleischer
Assistant Directors: Terry Marcel, Nick Farnes
Script Supervisor: Valerie Booth
Editor: Ernest Walter
Associate Producer: Basil Appleby
Producers: Leslie Linder, Martin Ransohoff
Production Manager: Jilda Smith
Original Music Composer: John Dankworth
Screenplay: Clive Exton
Novel: Ludovic Kennedy

UK | 106 minutes | 1971



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