49th Parallel | 1941 | Leslie Howard, Laurence Olivier,

49th Parallel | 1941 | Leslie Howard, Laurence Olivier,

Laurence Olivier and Leslie Howard star in this surprisingly subtle and undeniably entertaining Second World War propaganda film.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Information and 18 months in the making, this is one of the best propaganda films produced in Britain during the Second World War. With a stellar cast and a rousing score by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s gripping action drama thoroughly merited its Oscar for best original story and its nominations for best picture and screenplay.

Eric Portman gives the finest performance of his career as the officer of a bombed U-boat who has to lead his surviving crew across the Canadian wilderness to neutral America. Leslie Howard adds a dash of humour, while Laurence Olivier’s French-Canadian accent has to be heard to be believed.|

Leslie Howard as Philip Armstrong Scott
Laurence Olivier as Johnnie – the Trapper
Raymond Massey as Andy Brock
Adolf Wohlbrück as Peter
Eric Portman as Lieutenant Hirth
Raymond Lovell as Lieutenant Kuhnecke
Richard George as Kommandant Bernsdorff
Niall MacGinnis as Vogel
Peter Moore as Kranz
John Chandos as Lohrmann
Finlay Currie as The Factor
Glynis Johns as Anna
Basil Appleby as Jahner
Ley On as Nick – the Eskimo
Charles Victor as Andreas
Frederick Piper as David
Tawera Moana as George – the Indian
Eric Clavering as Art
Charles Rolfe as Bob
Theodore Salt as A United States Customs Officer
O.W. Fonger as A United States Customs Officer
George Alexander as Cameo
Robert Beatty as RCMP Mountie in Alberta (voice)
Elisabeth Bergner as Anna
Eric Berry as Nazi Radio Announcer
Gron Davies as Officer on Submarine
Leslie Falardeau as Aviator on Seaplane
Lionel Grose as Undetermined Role
Jack Hynes as Aviator on Seaplane
Stuart Latham as Second Nazi Radio Announcer
Norman Luxton as Man in fringed jacket on balcony at Banff Indian Day
Vincent Massey as Prologue Narrator (voice)
Percy Parsons as Hi-Jacked Canadian Motorist
Gerry Wilmot as Canadian Radio Announcer

Art Direction: David Rawnsley
Props: Peter Cushing
Camera Operator: Skeets Kelly
Camera Operator: Henty Henty-Creer
Director Of Photography: Freddie Young
Makeup Artist: George Blackler
Director: Michael Powell
Editor: David Lean
Associate Editor: Hugh Stewart
Producer: Michael Powell
Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams
Music Director: Muir Mathieson
Sound Supervisor: A.W. Watkins
Sound Recordist: C.C. Stevens
Sound Recordist: Walter Darling
Screenplay: Emeric Pressburger
Screenplay: Rodney Ackland

UK | 121 minutes | 1941



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