84 Charing Cross Road | 1987 | Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins

84 Charing Cross Road | 1987 | Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins

Anne Bancroft plays Helene Hanff (the film is based on her memoirs), a New York book lover who carries on a correspondence with a London-based bookseller, played by Anthony Hopkins, for twenty years. The film is a heart-wrenching what-if story: the two lead lonely lives in their separate cities, but develop a caring and loving relationship through the mail.

Bancroft’s character finally makes it to London but the two never meet face-to-face. Co-stars Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins also worked together seven years earlier in David Lynch’s The Elephant Man (1980).

production details

UK, US | 100 minutes | 1987

Director: David Hugh Jones
Script: James Roose-Evans Hugh Whitemore
Original Authors: Helene Hanff,Kathy Li

Anne Bancroft as Helene Hanff
Anthony Hopkins as Frank P. Doel
Judi Dench as Nora Doel
Jean De Baer as Maxine Stuart
Maurice Denham as George Martin
Eleanor David as Cecily Farr
Mercedes Ruehl as Kay
Daniel Gerroll as Brian
Wendy Morgan as Megan Wells
Ian McNeice as Bill Humphries
Connie Booth as The Lady from Delaware




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