A Man for All Seasons | 1966 | Paul Scofield, Robert Shaw

A Man for All Seasons | 1966 | Paul Scofield, Robert Shaw

Paul Scofield stars in this exquisitely filmed historical drama that swept the 1966 Academy Awards for its artful portrayal of the battle of wills between King Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More that led to the English Reformation. More (Scofield), Chancellor of England but loyal to the Catholic Church, refuses to grant Henry’s (Robert Shaw) divorce from his wife Catherine of Aragon, leading to a political showdown inevitably won by the King and resulting in More’s martyrdom.

Gorgeous cinematography, lavish costumes and supporting performances from an all-star cast including Wendy Hiller, Orson Welles and Vanessa Redgrave won the film multiple Oscars, including Best Actor for Scofield, Best Picture and Best Director for Fred Zinnemann. Robert Bolt wrote the screenplay for A Man for All Seasons after his great success with the two hit scripts for director David Lean for Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Doctor Zhivago (1965), the latter earning him his first Academy Award.

UK | 120 minutes | 1966

Director: Fred Zinnemann
Script: Robert Bolt

Paul Scofield as Thomas More
Wendy Hiller as Alice More
Leo McKern as Thomas Cromwell
Robert Shaw as King Henry VIII
Orson Welles as Cardinal Wolsey
Susannah York as Margaret More
Nigel Davenport as The Duke of Norfolk
John Hurt as Richard Rich
Corin Redgrave as William Roper (the Younger)
Colin Blakely as Matthew
Cyril Luckham as Archbishop Cranmer
Jack Gwillim as Chief Justice
Thomas Heathcote as Boatman
Yootha Joyce as Averil Machin
Anthony Nicholls as King’s Representative
John Nettleton as Jailer
Eira Heath as Matthew’s Wife
Molly Urquhart as Maid
Paul Hardwick as Courtier
Michael Latimer as Norfolk’s Aide
Philip Brack as Captain of Guard
Martin Boddey as Governor of Tower
Eric Mason as Executioner
Matt Zimmerman as Messenger
Vanessa Redgrave as Anne Boleyn




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