Accident | 1967 | Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker

Accident | 1967 | Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker

The second of Joseph Losey’s collaborations with playwright Harold Pinter (between The Servant and The Go-between) is, like the other two pictures, a keen analysis of the English class structure. However, Pinter’s oblique dialogue here forced Losey’s style into an overloading of images and a dislocated time structure that owed much to Resnais. As if to underline this influence, Delphine Seyrig (from Last Year at Marienbad) makes a brief appearance. However, Losey suggests pain and passion beneath the civilized veneer of an English summer.

Dirk Bogarde, in his fourth and last collaboration with Losey, is nicely dry as a male menopausal Oxford don trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the death of an undergraduate (Jacqueline Sassard) with whom he, fellow don Baker and student York (in his second film) were in love. Pinter is amusing in a cameo as a TV producer.

Dirk Bogarde as Stephen
Stanley Baker as Charley
Jacqueline Sassard as Anna
Michael York as William
Delphine Seyrig as Francesca
Vivien Merchant as Rosalind
Alexander Knox as Provost
Ann Firbank as Laura
Terence Rigby as Plainclothes Policeman
Brian Phelan as Police Sergeant
Harold Pinter as Bell
Freddie Jones as Man In Bell’s Office
Carole Caplin as Clarissa
Nicholas Mosley as Hedges
Maxwell Caulfield as Ted

Art Direction: Carmen Dillon
Director Of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Costume Design: Beatrice Dawson
Makeup Artist: Bob Lawrance
Hairdresser: Pearl Tipaldi
Director: Joseph Losey
Editor: Reginald Beck
Producer: Joseph Losey
Producer: Norman Priggen
Original Music Composer: John Dankworth
Sound Recordist: Gerry Humphreys
Sound Recordist: Simon Kaye
Screenplay: Harold Pinter
Novel: Nicholas Mosley

UK | 105 minutes | 1967



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