Alfie | 1966 | Michael Caine, Shelley Winters

Michael Caine plays a philandering Cockney anti-hero, in the film that made him an international star. Alfie – both the film and the character – is representative of the swinging-London culture of the 1960s. While enormously funny, and accompanied by a terrific soundtrack, the film is also weightier than one might imagine, and covers such sombre issues as abortion. Nominated for several awards, including 5 Oscars and 6 Golden Globes.

Michael Caine as Alfie Elkins
Shelley Winters as Ruby
Millicent Martin as Siddie
Julia Foster as Gilda
Jane Asher as Annie
Shirley Anne Field as Carla
Vivien Merchant as Lily
Eleanor Bron as The Doctor
Denholm Elliott as The Abortionist
Alfie Bass as Harry Clamacraft
Graham Stark as Humphrey
Murray Melvin as Nat
Sydney Tafler as Frank
Queenie Watts as Pub singer
Pauline Boty as

Director: Lewis Gilbert
Script: Bill Naughton

UK | 114 minutes | 1966


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