Alf’s Button Afloat | 1938 | Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen

Alf’s Button Afloat|movie|8.0|1938-06-30|1938|Crazy Gang star Bud Flanagan plays the cheeky chappy of the title, in possession of a magic button that’s been fashioned from the recycled metal of Aladdin’s lamp. When rubbed, it summons genie Sim who grants the wishes that land Flanagan and the rest of the Crazy Gang in deep water.

Alastair Sim is as wonderfully cantankerous as ever, while the comedy and characters are very much of the music hall era.

Bud Flanagan as Alf Higgins
Chesney Allen as Ches
Jimmy Nervo as Cecil
Teddy Knox as Teddy
Charlie Naughton as Charlie
Jimmy Gold as Jimmy
Alastair Sim as The Genie of the Button
Wally Patch as Sergt. Hawkins
Peter Gawthrone as Capt. Driscol R.N.
Agnes Lauchlan as Lady Driscol
Glennis Lorimer as Frankie Driscol
James Carney as Lieut. Hardy R.M.
Wilson Coleman as Surg-Cmdr. Brown
J. H. Roberts as Aladdin
Bruce Winston as Mustapha

Director: Marcel Varnel
Script: W.A. Darlington, Ralph Smart

UK | 89 minutes | 1938


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