Bartleby | 1970 | Paul Scofield, John McEnery

Henry Melville’s novella about a young clerk (Peter McEnery) who progressively withdraws from life reaches the screen with all its literary qualities and conceits intact. Those familiar with the book may find its modern day setting and realism at odds with the ambiguities of the novel, but it succeeds in conveying its central characters increasing alienation. A fine example of early British independent cinema it was partly funded by Scofield who plays Bartleby’s sympathetic, but pragmatic boss.

Paul Scofield as The Accountant
John McEnery as Bartleby
Thorley Walters as The Colleague
Colin Jeavons as Tucker
Raymond Mason as Landlord
Charles Kinross as Tenant
Neville Barber as First Client
Robin Askwith as Office Boy
Hope Jackman as Hilda – Tealady
John Watson as Doctor
Christine Dingle as Patient
Rosalind Elliot as Miss Brown – Secretary
Tony Parkin as Dickinson – Clerk

Director: Anthony Friedman
Script: Rodney Carr-Smith, Anthony Friedman
Story: Herman Melville

UK | 78 minutes | 1970


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